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Sausage & Bacon Bagel

Sausage & Bacon Bagel


Please note image is representative.

Sizzle your taste buds with the hearty Sausage and Bacon Bagel, the perfect morning meal for meat lovers. This mouthwatering bagel is piled high with savory, premium butchers sausages and crispy, thick-cut bacon for a protein-packed breakfast that will keep you satisfied all morning long.

  • Generous portions of juicy sausages and bacon
  • Your choice of bagel - plain, everything, cheese, onion, chilli, wholemeal, poppyseed
  • Convenient grab-and-go breakfast option
  • Satisfying protein and flavor in every bite

With its irresistible combination of savory meats and a soft, chewy bagel, this breakfast sandwich is sure to jumpstart your day. The tasty sausages and crispy bacon provide a boost of protein to keep you fueled until lunchtime. Warm, yummy, and totally mess-free - it's the ideal weekday breakfast to enjoy on the go!

For meat lovers craving a hearty, protein-rich breakfast full of meaty flavors, the Sausage and Bacon Bagel is a mouthwatering way to start your day off right. Try it today and see for yourself!

  • If you have a food allergy or are ordering for someone who has, please contact The Bagel Deli on 01695 578736 before you place your order to discuss your requirements

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